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Before You Continue...

This is a Limited Time Special Offer, so please read

every word very, very carefully. Yes, it's that important!


"Why is One of the Most Sought After

Strength and Conditioning Coaches In the Country Allowing You to Grab Your Copy of His 16 Week

Tennis Training Program at a Whopping 50% Off the Normal Price?!"


Especially When It's Touted as Being the First Practical, Step-By-Step, Roadmap to You Having More Fun, Being Less Tired and Finally Allowing You to Enjoy "the Game of a Life-Time" With More Energy and Enthusiasm No Matter If You're a Beginner or if You're a Seasoned Tennis Pro… 100% Guaranteed!”


"The Answer May Suprise You..."



The Short Cut to Dominating Opponents Just Got Shorter.


No. I’m Not Kidding.


And Until April 9th, You Can Get The COMPLETE

Igniting Your Game 16-Week Tennis Training Program





Todd Scott here, and I've got a very special announcement for you. In Just a few days I'm going to be heading to Houston, Texas to cover the final 3 days of the U.S. Men's Clay Court Championships (the Semis & Finals will be aired LIVE on the Tennis Channel)... This tournament features the top U.S. players in the World. And since it's the first pro tournament I've covered this year, I'm as giddy as a little boy at Christmas about it... Because I'm heading down with my Video Camera to get some close up courtside footage & pics to post for you. Plus we'll be sitting in on and participating in post match pressers & interviews...





But that's not why I'm writing you... well, maybe it is...


You see, I'm so excited about traveling down to Houston with my media team to cover our first pro tournament of the year that I've decided to do something special for you... I want to pass this excitement to you in the form of Real-Life SAVINGS!


Here are the Details:


Nearly Five Years Ago, for the first time ever, I released one of my most popular Tennis Training Programs to the public. The feedback over the years has been amazing, and the Results have been astounding. Folks from all over the world have gotten bigger, faster, stronger, and most importantly more dominant on the courts than they ever imagined - All because they had the desire to win.


When I released Igniting Your Game back in 2006, I knew the program was good, but I didn't know that the improvement people reported would come in so quickly. Mainly, because the program was released in 4 Week blocks over the course of 4 months. Most Charter Members of the IYG paid nearly $200 bucks to be a part of the Inner Circle to receive these programs each month.

In order to cut cost and to pass some savings to my customers, 3 years ago I compiled all the DVD's and printed materials included in the program, and converted it into digital downloadable videos and ebooks, and it's been selling like Hotcakes ever since for $97 bucks.  




From now through Saturday, April 9th, I'm offering a 50% discount on the internationally best selling Igniting Your Game 16 Week Digital Tennis Training Package!


Like I said, this Tennis ebook and digital video package has been selling like hotcakes every day for the past 3 years at $97 ...but Today, as part of my U.S. Clay Court Championships sale, you can save OVER 50% and get the entire program for just $39.97!

The reason I'm offering this sale is because it's my way of saying "Thank you" for being my subscriber and helping me out by taking my surveys over the past 5 years... Because I'm Super-Excited about covering the U.S. Clay Court Championships and... because I am about to pull this program off the market. Once it's gone, I'm planning to do a complete overhaul, and when I re-release it I will raise the price of the package to at least $147 (but possibly $197), and I want to make sure YOU get your copy before the price goes up!

And if the 50% savings isn't enough cause to celebrate, I'm also throwing in ...

4 HOT FREE Super Bonuses!

When these bonus gifts are sold separately, they go for more than $314.19 ...but when you accept my half off offer, you can have them free!

You'll get instant access to...

Hot FREE Bonus #1: Lightning Fast Foot Speed e-Manual
The Perfect supplement to your comprehensive tennis training program. Increase your foot speed to track down those hard to get Passing Shots. Includes ladder drills, Dot Drills, Box drills, and 4 Square drills to help you roam the court like Greased Lightning.

Hot FREE Bonus #2: Develop Jaw-Dropping Power e-Manual  
Whether you want to develop crushing ground strokes or opponent pounding Serves, this ebook details the top 9 Exercises laid out in easy to follow workouts to dramatically increase your explosive power. If you want your partner and your opponents to stare in astonishment when you crush the ball with ease, you've gotta implement these workouts into your program. 

Hot FREE Bonus #3:

Abdominal Workouts Made Easy:

"21 Belly Flattening Ab Workouts

Using the Top 13 Overlooked Ab Exercises"

  • Discover the Truth About How Often You Should Train your Abdominal Muscles to develop a Strong Explosive Midsection for the Courts

  • Revealed: Are there REALLY Specific Ab Exercises That Burn Fat & Are they In your Program?

  • 21 Belly Busting Ab Workouts with the exact Sets, Reps, and Schemes laid out from A-Z

  • "No Thinking Required" - Simply Print it out, and head to the gym


Hot FREE Bonus #4: The Truth About Burning Fat  

Whether you want to lose 5-10 pound or more to help improve your game, this report outlines 8 Must-Have Steps to start burning fat immediately. These principles are so simple, you'll be able to get started immediately. You'll instantly discover how you can:

  • Eat more than you ever have before and you’ll STILL lose fat

  • Have more energy than you’ve had in YEARS!




“Finally, the First Practical, Step-By-Step, Roadmap to Having More Fun, Being Less Tired and Finally Enjoying "the Game of a Life-Time" With More Energy and Enthusiasm No Matter If You're a Beginner or a Seasoned Tennis Pro… 100% Guaranteed!”



Immediate Access to

All 4 Tennis Training Digital

Videos Detailing Your 16 Week Tennis Training Program with Complete Instruction


Igniting Your Game Project Digital Videos (16 Week Training Program Outlined in 4 Complete Videos)                  

Each digital video is at least 20-25 minutes long. Current customers refer to it as having your own tennis specific strength coach that you can rewind and rewatch, and you'll gain immediate access. This is a detailed 16 week training program consisting of 4 videos you'll be able to immediately watch on your computer, over 100 minutes of footage outlining “what works,” and what will leave you on the sideline wishing you were out there….. and more. We cover every imaginable strength training and conditioning tool from start to finish, from the seemingly simple body weight training, to the extensive combination training applications. ($159.76 Value)



Immediate Access to

All 4 Tennis Training

Hot-Sheets - Your Print and Go Outline



Elite Gold Inner Circle Tennis Hot-Sheets

This is a separately downloadable supplement added to each Digital Video of your Igniting Your Game Project (4 In All), featuring especially timely strength and conditioning information, special training effectiveness tips, resources, motivations, and article reprints. PLUS - SPECIAL IN-DEPTH TRAINING LOGS that I only share with my Gold Customers. You'll gain access to all 4 Hot-Sheets outlining your complete 16 Week Program($17 Value)


Immediate Access to

Interrogation with Pro Tennis

Coach David Sammel

Interrogation With the Pro Tennis Coach David Sammel


This is straight out of our archived pro interviews with Pro Tennis Coaches, Powerful Tennis Specific Strength Coaches, pro players from  around the world, leading experts and doctors working with Tennis players, and the game's top tennis gurus. Plus, you’ll also get my commentary, thoughts, and wise remarks during these “live recorded” calls. If nothing else, you can burn this to a CD to turn commuting hours into power thinking hours, where you can listen and learn at the same time. 





























































In this 36 minute interrogation, David details how you can use

  • Mental strategies he used with his players to throw Agassi and Sampras off their game (and how you can apply this to your game

  • How to know when to speed the clock or when to let your opponent sit and stew

  • 2 Weapons You Must Have - and how to find and fine tune them

  • How to turn your opponents most powerful weapon against them
  • and much, much more..


Inside, You'll Find:

  • Over 100 minutes of video footage laying out your complete 16 week tennis specific workout program

  • 112 days worth of tennis training information in both video and pdf format laid out in a step by step format starting from day 1

  • Interrogation with Pro Tennis Coach David Sammel. He's coached against top touring pros such as Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras.

  • A complete A-Z Lower Back Training Manual containing a Full 8 Week Program to help alleviate back pain after super tough tennis matches.

  • How to improve your strength, speed, and stamina on the tennis court.

  • Plus much, much more...


But that's Not The Only Reason You Should Be Excited


You should be excited because for the next few days, while I'm in such a great mood, you can secure your copy at OVER 50% OFF..


For only a few cans of Tennis Balls, you can secure your copy today...This will likely NEVER happen again, so take advantage of it while you can.






Here's how this whole thing works:

Instead of paying $97 for the 16 Week Tennis Training Program program you'll save something like $57 bucks and get 112 Days Worth of Tennis Training Information compiled in over 100 minutes of video footage you can put to use immediately, PLUS you'll receive all 4 Tennis Training Videos, PLUS The 4 IYG Tennis Training Hot Sheets PLUS the 36 Minute Interrogation with Pro Coach David Sammel PLUS the Low Back Training Guide for Tennis PLUS 4 HOT Super Bonuses Listed above - All for only $39.97.

The manuals and all 4 tennis training videos are completely, 100% digital. So that means you'll be able to immediately download it to your computer as soon as you purchase.


Here's What to Do Next:

  1. Place your order today at Over 50% Off by clicking the Add to Cart Button Below

  2. Visit the download page and download everything to your computer

  3. Once you've downloaded it, you'll be able to print it from your computer so you'll have it in hard copy format.




“From a tennis perspective, I’ve never seen any fitness program that’s specifically geared toward tennis like this , ever. And I’ve used A LOT of different programs out there, but your program is by far and away the best.
Most programs you see in magazines are geared for the fitness crowd, but your fitness program is the only thing I’ve ever seen that’s actually specific to the game of tennis.
This is no hype, literally within days of starting your tennis fitness program, I could already see a difference in that I’m not as winded between points. And when I get out on the clay, it makes a world of difference!! How it happened so quickly is beyond me, especially since I’ve tried so many other programs…so all I can say is keep up the great work! 
Tom Avery


Expert Tennis Instructor for




I'm not a tennis player myself, but I am responsible for the strength training and conditioning needs of an entire NCAA Division 1 program.  Before IgnitingYourGame.com Inner Circle came along I was doing the best I could to train our players, but I had to spend countless hours each week designing workouts and there was always something missing from their workouts.

Not Anymore!

Now I take Todd's information right to out players and run them through the most efficient and effective workouts that they have ever experienced!  This program is a must for anyone that is serious about taking their tennis game to a whole new level!

Dan Huff

Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach



'til Next Time Train Hard & Win Easy!!

Todd Scott

P.S. This page will ONLY BE AVAILABLE until April 9th, 2011. So, please grab your copy now, because when it's gone, it's gone.

P.P.S. If money isn't a concern for you, there's no reason to panic. Once this page is taken down, my full tennis training program will be available again at a later date as a physical product for somewhere in the neighborhood of $147-$197 dollars.

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