Tennis Fitness Tips

Tennis Leg Strength

by Todd Scott



Have you ever been at the end of a long match feeling like your legs weigh 100 lbs each and like you're moving the court at a snails pace?

Today, I've got an exercise guaranteed to increase your strength, endurance so you can out perform your opponent even in the last set.


Band resisted back pedal.

Equipment you'll need:

1. Exercise tubing

2. Weight belt (or a regular belt will do, just make sure it's a belt you don't mind being stretched.

3. A stationary object to anchor the band to.

4. Place markers - if you have cone markers, great, if not you can use a hat, a shirt or anything you want. Just as long as you're able to mark off a certain distance.

How to do it:

Place your cone markers 5 yards from the stationary object.

Attach one end of the exercise band to the stationary object at about waist height and the other end to your weight belt. Put the weight belt around your waist and buckle it.

Step backwards to take the slack out of the band. Once you're ready, slightly bend your knees, lower your hips toward the ground and keep your back straight.

On cue, backpedal to the cone marker and return to the starting position. Upon your return to the starting position, take small steps, keep your back straight and your hips low to the ground.

Plant your lead foot and repeat just before slack is created in the band.

Perform 3-4 sets of 10 reps, 1-2 days per week.

Placing additional stress on your muscles that would not otherwise be experienced during a match will prepare your body to play those long matches in stride.

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