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"11 Minute Tennis Conditioning Drill for

You Next Tennis Practice...."

by Todd Scott

This baby's gonna be short, sweet, and simple.

Recently I've gotten a few emails asking about incorporating tennis conditioning programs on the court...

So, I dug deep into my pocket of tricks and strategies and pulled out a no-brainer that ANYONE can do without any equipment what-so-ever.... All you need is a tennis ball and your racquet.

Plus it's a double whammy - you'll kill to birds with one stone.

At the end of the next practice session with your partner, do this before you leave the court...

High Intensity Interval Rallies

You and your partner will be on opposite sides of the net each standing on the left doubles line of your respective side of the court and facing the opposite doubles line.

1. On the word 'go', you'll each sprint to the opposite doubles line and back twice (with racquet in hand).

2. Immediately following the sprints, go directly to your respective baseline.

3. Pick a point cross court, and begin your rally. Each shot concentrate on aiming for 1 particular spot cross court. (it'd help if you had a cone or marker to use as an aiming point)

4. The rally ends as soon as you or your partner hits the ball out of bounds or into the net

That's 1 round.

Immediately repeat as soon as the rally ends for a total of 4-6 rounds.

Alternate cross court & down the line rallies with each round.


You can also perform this on a backboard if your practice partner isn't available.

If you use a backboard - the rally ends if you hit the ball below the 'net line', or out of specific parameters you set yourself.

For instance, the rally ends if you hit the ball below the 'net line' and/or above an 'imaginary' line you've placed on the backboard.

The double whammy: This is a great conditioning drill, but also an incredible mental toughness drill as well.

As you progress into the drill, you'll begin to tire and your concentration will drop considerably. So this serves to work not only on your physical conditioning, but also your mental toughness to concentrate on hitting the ball in the court.

Have you ever wondered why doctors, during their residency training, work 2-3 days straight with only a few hours of sleep per night before getting a break?

What about the military - Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard - ever wonder why they train days at a time with little or no sleep without getting a break?

It's not because their boss is 'mean,' it's to prepare them for emergencies incase they're ever put in a situation that forces them to stay awake for nights at a time... so they'll know what to expect and to learn to function in a deprived state.

That's exactly what this drill is designed to do, put you in a fatigued state, then force you to concentrate.

Everytime you enter a match, there's a chance that it will go into the late sets, if you're not prepared, it could mean the difference between winning and losing.

'It doesn't matter how mentally tough you are, if you don't have your fitness in place, you don't have anything' - Andre Agassi

Whether you're a coaching pro or a club player...

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'til Next Time, Train Hard & Win Easy!

Todd Scott
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