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by Todd Scott




A big problem in tennis is shoulder and rotator cuff injury... not to mention the pain it causes.

Most of the time rotator cuff and shoulder pain in tennis is caused from the muscles around the shoulder becoming lax from repetitive overhead movements. This laxity allows the 2 biceps tendons in the shoulder to become inflamed, and irritated.

Start with an already weak shoulder, and you'll be doubling your chances of injury and extreme pain...  next thing you know, you'll be watching from the sidelines for an indefinite amount of time...

Here's why:

In most cases, even doctors get it wrong in trying to 'fix' irritated shoulders from tennis...

By the time it gets to the point of scheduling an appointment with a doctor, likely you've had more than a few miserable trips to the tennis court.

He'll give you a few anti-inflammatorys and tell you to rest it for a few weeks.

The pain goes away... until you hit the courts again... 2 weeks later and your back in the same situation:

More pain, and more recommendations of rest.

And it turns into a nagging injury that just won't go away...

But the pain isn't the bad part, it's the fact that you're not able to hit the courts full speed, and fun tennis is a thing of the past....

Remember the laxity that I mentioned earlier? It's caused by weak muscles being stretched. This laxity will, in turn, allow the shoulder joint to move around in the socket causing excruciating pain, increasing the chances of you being involuntarily ordered to the bench.

The only way to fix this is to make the muscles around the shoulder stronger, in turn 'tightening' up the joint.

So if you even have the slightest pain in your shoulder, pick up a few dumbbells to tighten up the joint.

A few basic moves you can do in your home are bicep curls, front raises, reverse bicep curls, side raises, and bent over reverse laterals.

Keep the weight at 15 lbs or lighter for the shoulder movements.

You'll only need a few sets and reps of each exercise, a few days per week to have an immediate impact on your shoulder pain in tennis.


"I made it look so easy on the court all those years. No one realized

how hard I had to work. No one Realized how much I put into it. They underestimated My intensity." - Pete Sampras


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