Rafael Nadal

"Rafael Nadal is on Steroids, so what?.."

by Todd Scott

Not too long ago, there was a big saga about Rafael Nadal and steroid use...

Of course, they found that he's not and never has used anabolic drugs... but I say..

What's the big deal if Nadal's on steroids anyway?

- Because it's performance enhancing?
- Because it'll make him bigger?
- Faster?
- Stronger ?
- Or maybe they're scared he'll have a 'roid rage and
plant a racquet between Roger Federer's eyes
for being so Rico Suave and stealing all the

Now, I'm no drug advocate in any sense of the word, I certainly know it's wrong and bad for a person's health to take drugs....

I'm just looking at this thing from a different perspective...

A perspective of how it affects the game, affects (whether attained legally or otherwise) that in most sports players would die for, but in tennis these same affects are looked down upon by 'so-called' gurus.

So please hear me out...

By searching around the internet you'd think it'd be the death of any tennis player if he or she put on one ounce of strength or even lean mass.

No seriously, browse around. See what people are saying about tennis and strength...they'll swear weight training for tennis to die a long agonizing death.

Or suggest 'going through the motions,' with your training program with 87 reps using super light weight, which serves zero tennis enhancing purpose.

So let's take out the negative side effects of steroids, take away the fact
that it's illegal and compare it to serious strength training for tennis:

Strength Training for Tennis vs. Steroids in Tennis

Here are the affects of steroids:

1. Enhanced Muscle growth
2. strength
3. speed
4. agility
5. increased overall performance
6. bunch of negative stuff like hair growth, making people mean, high blood pressure, acne, gynecomastia, and an array of other negative affects...

Here are the affect of tennis specific weight training:

1. Enhanced Muscle Growth
2. Increased Strength
3. Increased Speed
4. Improved Agility
5. Improved overall performance
6. Zero negative side effects other than the basic risk of injury of
training with improper form etc.

Does 1-5 Look similar?

While I'm not advocating steroid use, other than the bad side effects it causes, it behooves me that people would be so concerned about steroids in tennis...

Especially if the 'gurus' are so RIGHT in what they claim that the (positive) affects of its use would be so horrible for a person's game

Because for ONE: steroids make you gain weight, it makes your muscles harder, and it makes you stronger.

As does Tennis Specific Training...

These are all things that are said to hurt a tennis player's game.

Because according to many 'so-called' experts, if you add 5 pounds of lean, rock hard, solid muscle and at the same time increase your strength.. it'll make you slow, less flexible, and an overall bad player...

I say B.S.

If being fast and strong makes you a bad tennis player, they'd stop testing for steroids in tennis... and serious players would stay clear from the training room like it's haunted...

Because athletes would be morons to do something that would make their games worse, and there would be no real benefit to throw someone out of a sport if, with time, they're only going to force themselves out of it anyway because of bad performance.

Yet, they're still testing for it... And serious players are still training...

Which leads me to my next point, if pros are going to extra lengths to increase strength, speed, agility, and muscle mass (drug induced or not) to the point that it
draws suspicion of illegal drug use, then doesn't that slap the so-called experts right across the cheek?

Doesn't that say that improved strength, speed, agility, and EVEN lean muscle mass should be something you should be LEGALLY striving for to 'Up' your game to the
next level?

If you agree that speed, strength and agility have a place in tennis, then you've gotta see this... if you're tired of being slow on the court, returning weak shots, having your serve smashed back across the net out of reach...

.....whether you're a coaching pro or a club player...

And you're ready to take your game to the next level 'tour style' without help of illegal drug use, then you owe it to yourself to check out my new digital Igniting Your Game Project by going here:

Rafael Nadal

Just a few weeks ago, I spoke to one of my Igniting Your Game Project owners... little did I know, she had been 'testing' my program and taking notes... In 4 weeks, she
increased the speed of her serve by 6 mph. The only thingshe changed was her training program... so..

It's your call, I encourage you to put it to the test, you won't be sorry, and that's a guarantee:


'til Next Time, Train Hard & Win Easy!

Todd Scott


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