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From the Desk of Todd Scott

Monday, August 8th, 2010

5:59 PM


Hey There - Todd Scott here, and I've got a crazy announcement for you in what may be the Tennis Industry's First. Over the past few weeks I've been getting incredible feedback from my VIP customers about how much they love the Ultimate Tennis Fitness program.. Now, not everyone who has purchased the UTF program has written in, so that got me to thinking... "what could I do to get you guys to write in with your honest opinions about the Ultimate Tennis Fitness Program?"


And then it hit me... "DUHH!"


So here's what's going on.


As part of a Limited Time marketing test and in order to collect raging "testimonials", Iím going to eliminate any last second doubts you may have about improving your game without practicing more and without learning any new complicated techniques for an Incredibly Low entry Fee of just $4.95. Instead of the normal $47 price for the Ultimate Tennis Fitness Program, Iím going to allow you to download and test the complete System Plus all of the bonuses for just helping me out with my hosting plan for just $4.95 for the Full 14 Day Trial Period.


I'm literally putting my money where my mouth is and GIVING you complete access to the entire Ultimate Tennis Fitness Program for 14 Days to see for yourself how much of a Game-Changer this program is. All I ask in return is that you send in a testimonial once you've completed the program.


Here's What You're Getting Immediately:  


Ultimate Tennis Fitness and Conditioning program, including the UTF Flexibility Program (17 Tennis Specific Stretches), the UTF - 8 Week Tennis Workout Program PLUS the UTF Foot Speed & Agility program (34 Agility, Speed, and Court Drills PLUS the 6 Week Program) PLUS 21 Tennis Specific Ab Workouts PLUS the UTF Conditioning program (including 5 KILLER Conditioning Workouts Specifically for Improving Your Tennis Game) PLUS the UTF Tennis Training Rolodex containing over 50 Exercises & 150 Tennis exercise photos that you can Print off and use to guide your tennis training program.


All for just helping me out with my hosting plan for $4.95. You have fourteen full days to test my breakthrough methods for creating a dominating, physical tennis game to out rally, out last, and to crush your opponents at will from using this easy system. If your game doesn't improve, I will Give you a COMPLETE refund. No questions asked.


If you decide to keep the system, I'll bill your credit card for just one payment of just $42.05 for the remaining balance. If you decide to keep everything, then you will ONLY be billed ONE time, and you'll never be billed again.


... But not until you've tested it for a Full 14 Days.


If you decide it isn't for you, just send me an email within fourteen days and you'll never be charged a single dime.


My email address is Todd (@) TennisFitnessTips.com. I won't ask you to jump through any hoops, answer any questions, or do anything. Your word is gold with me.




IMPORTANT: This Special VIP Subscriber Page Will *ONLY* Be Available For A VERY Limited Time.



Friday, August 12th



Here's What To Do Next


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Here's what You're About to Access for just $4.95:



ďFinally, the First Practical, Step-By-Step, Roadmap to Having More Fun, Being Less Tired and Finally Enjoying "the Game of a Life-Time" With More Energy and Enthusiasm No Matter If You're a Beginner or a Seasoned Tennis ProÖ 100% Guaranteed!Ē



Introducing the Ultimate Tennis Training

& Conditioning Program

Here's what's included in the All New Ultimate Tennis Training Program:

  • Ultimate Flexibility Program: In just 4 minutes or less you can begin training your body to respond to the 'awkward' positions your tennis pro wants you to perform... and start perfecting your technique the very same day! If you know these secretsÖ This guide is chock full with Over 17 Hand Picked Tennis Specific Stretches in All to improve your flexibility, prevent injuries, and to help you move around the court with ease!.


  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness: The most powerful overlooked way to change directions on the court.... you know how sometimes you may feel as if though you have lead in your feet?... You can kiss that feeling good bye and begin ripping around the court in less than 3 days... How fun would it be to rarely have a passing shot hit at you again - imagine your friends constantly saying "How the heck did you get that ball!

Foot Work, Speed, and Agility is the most important aspect of the game. It doesn't matter if your technique is flawless.. it doesn't matter if you can pound groundstrokes at 150 mph... if you're off balance, if you're not set up properly, if you can't plant your feet and drive through the ball... perfect technique and astronomical power is absolutely POINTLESS.

In the UTT Guide, you'll be equipped with 34 Footspeed, Agility, and Court Drills to train your feet and legs to move... and move Fast... This 6 week Speed and Agility training program will have you moving the courts light as a feather and quick as a cheetah in a matter of weeks!


  • Weight Training Specifically for Tennis using VERY little equipment: Not all of us LOVE going to the gym... especially when we'd rather be playing tennis - Hit the Gym or Hit the Courts? That's a no-brainer. A complete 8 week Training Program designed so you don't need big fancy equipment or a stinking gym membership. All you'll need is a small area to work, and a few sets of dumbbells, and you'll be able to grab your specific workouts at home, in your backyard - or even on a tennis court!



  • Grab your workout in less than 25 minutes: Even if you'd rather go to the gym for your training sessions - you'll be in and out in less than 25 minutes - giving you MORE time to enjoy being on the courts... Nothing says "Dreadful" more than thinking you've got to train for hours at a time. With these programs designed for efficiency, you'll get more accomplished in less time than it takes you to fold your laundry. And while your buddies are at the gym sweating out 3 hour workouts, you'll be at the net working on your volleys... Efficient training programs + More time to do what you love... It's a true win-win-win for you... Condition Your Body for the courts in Record Time - Play More Tennis - Whip your buddies up and down the court... who wouldn't want that?



  • Tennis Specific Conditioning Program Designed to Destroy Your Opponents and Have You Laughing while they're holding their knees and Sucking Wind: This Guide Explains the difference between "Old School Conditioning" (That Flat Out Doesn't Work to improve Court Performance) and Conditioning that Specifically Mimics What You'll Do on the Court. Do it wrong, and you'll be sucking wind along with your opponents!

  • Ultimate Abdominal Training for Tennis: "21 Tennis Specific Ab Workouts  Using the Top 13 Overlooked Ab Exercises"

    • Discover the Truth About How Often You Should Train your Abdominal Muscles to develop a Strong Explosive Midsection for the Courts

    • Revealed: Are there REALLY Specific Ab Exercises That Burn Fat & Are they In your Program?

    • 21 Belly Busting Ab Workouts with the exact Sets, Reps, and Schemes laid out from A-Z

    • "No Thinking Required" - Simply Print it out, and head to the gym


  • Ultimate Tennis Training Exercise Database: Over 50+ Tennis Specific Exercises & Descriptions including over 150 photo demonstrations in all! including: 

  • A quick 2 minute exercise that you can do ANYWHERE, any time to help alleviate back pain

  • Advanced Exercises guaranteed to improve your quickness - you won't find these exercise in any book or magazine

  • The most effective ab exercises specifically designed for tennis. I leave out the trash and give you the most effective exercises I've found for tennis

  • Over 150 Photos of tennis specific exercises that you SHOULD be doing - If it's not in this Rolodex, you don't need it

And lots, lots more...



But that's Not The Only Reason You Should Be Excited


For only a few cans of Tennis Balls, you can secure your copy today...This will likely NEVER happen again, so take advantage of it while you can.


So here's how to secure your copy:

  1. Click Here to Place your order today to Start Your 14-Day Trial

  2. Once your transaction is complete, click "go back to merchant's website"

  3. You'll then enter your name and email address in the VIP Customer form and then be immediately directed to your download area.

  4. Once you've downloaded it, you'll be able to print it from your computer so you'll have it in hard copy format (if you'd like)



Here's what just a few experts have to say about my programs:


ďFrom a tennis perspective, Iíve never seen any fitness program thatís specifically geared toward tennis like this , ever. And Iíve used A LOT of different programs out there, but TennisFitnessExperts.com is by far and away the best.
Most programs you see in magazines are geared for the fitness crowd, but your fitness program is the only thing Iíve ever seen thatís actually specific to the game of tennis.
This is no hype, literally within days of starting your tennis fitness program, I could already see a difference in that Iím not as winded between points. And when I get out on the clay, it makes a world of difference!! How it happened so quickly is beyond me, especially since Iíve tried so many other programsÖso all I can say is keep up the great work! 
Tom Avery


Expert Tennis Instructor for




I'm not a tennis player myself, but I am responsible for the strength training and conditioning needs of an entire NCAA Division 1 program.  Before IgnitingYourGame.com Inner Circle came along I was doing the best I could to train our players, but I had to spend countless hours each week designing workouts and there was always something missing from their workouts.

Not Anymore!

Now I take Todd's information right to out players and run them through the most efficient and effective workouts that they have ever experienced!  This program is a must for anyone that is serious about taking their tennis game to a whole new level!

Dan Huff

Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach


'til Next Time Train Hard & Win Easy!!

Todd Scott

P.S. This page will ONLY BE AVAILABLE for the next few days. So if you don't take advantage of this offer right now, don't be upset if you come back tomorrow and it's gone.



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