Who Else Would Like To Be a Super-Fit, Mean, Tennis Winning Machine Who Can Run Down Every Shot Smashed At You While Totally Dominating Your Opponent from the First Toss

to the Last Point...


And In The End, Waltz Off the Courts As Your Buddy Across the Net Hangs Back Hugging the Fence...


...and Sucking Wind?!



From the Desk of Todd Scott

Monday, 2:59 PM


Dear Friend,


Todd Scott here, and I've got a very special announcement for you. Just last week my tennis league teammates and I found out that we qualified for the State Tournament on June 10th down in Beautiful Biloxi, Mississippi - and when I say I'm super excited, it's a bit of an understatement...


But that's not why I'm writing you... well, maybe it is...


You see, I'm so excited about traveling down south with my teammates to play in the Mississippi State Tournament that I've decided to do something special for you... I want to pass this excitement to you in the form of Real-Life SAVINGS!


Here are the Details. If you're reading this letter, it means you're one of my VIP Customers. And chances are that you've got a copy of my Tennis Matrix Advanced Tennis Conditioning Program...


But here's the deal. Over the past several months during League play, I've been behind the scenes developing an ENTIRELY BRAND NEW Tennis Matrix Conditioning program...


I call it Tennis Matrix 2.0.


I took the original Matrix Workouts and PUT THEM ON STEROIDS so that it would AMPLIFY your speed, agility, and recovery on the courts. Seriously.. Once you master these workouts, you will be ONE Mean, Super-Fit Tennis machine.


Since you're a VIP customer of Mine (and since I'm in a super good mood because of the Breaking news that we're going to the State Tournament in 2 Weeks), you can get your hands on this Killer Tennis program for right now for just $47!!


And if you thought The Original Tennis Matrix program was awesome, WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE the New Tennis Matrix 2.0!


Here's How You Can Get An

Exclusive Copy of


The Triple Tennis Matrix 2.0

"Advanced Tennis Conditioning"





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Here are the Details:

Tennis Matrix 2.0 is similar to the Original Tennis Matrix in that it's a very comprehensive, yet Brain-Dead Simple Series of 10 - 7 Minute Tennis Conditioning Workouts (10 Videos altogether). I initially put the original Matrix Workouts together for myself to help me lose 17 pounds of fat in 30 days... And I then Realized these workouts were INSTRUMENTAL (unbeknownst to me at the time) in conditioning me for Tennis Season, so about a year ago I put them all together and released it to the Tennis Public.

The results and Feedback so far have been Nothing SHORT of Amazing! Tennis players around the world have been writing in to say how much they love the Matrix Conditioning program.

So, over the past few months, I sat down with the Tennis Matrix Workouts at hand, and gave them a big shot of juicy Steroids - I sat down and dissected each one, made some tweaks, and in the end I had a library of 10 Overhauled, Highly Intense and Totally Different Tennis Workouts to put to the test.

For the next few months, I secretly tested the Matrix 2.0 - since we were in an intense battle in league play... I wanted every advantage I could get.

And let me tell you, these New Programs are KILLER....

But don't take my word for it...

I want you to give it a try before I release it to the public. Once it's released to the public, It'll cost up to $47 (or more - I haven't decided, although the price WILL be increased to at the very least $47 by the end of the week), But Since You're A VIP Customer You Can get an "VIP Copy" of the Tennis Matrix Version 2.0 for a whopping 39% Off Discount.

Let me explain... and then I'll get to the part about how to download everything..

I want to be honest with you, when I originally designed the original Matrix programs last year, I didn't have tennis in mind... AT ALL. I designed it as part of an intense fat loss program for myself... I found I had gained a bit of fat, so in order to slash it off as quickly as possible, I put together a series of High Intensity Cardio Workouts to complement my training program...

And What I discovered shouldn't have been a surprise, But when it finally hit me, I Was COMPLETELY STUNNED...




Like I said, when I designed this program, I wasn't even considering the impact it would have on your tennis game. But it DID impact it, and in a BIG WAY.

Before I started training, I was playing in a "fun" league here in Mississippi. Fun as in "It didn't mean anything if you won or lost" but it was wildly competitive. These guys were serious, and would fight to the death for the last point.

Buddies off the court, enemies during a match. You probably know some people like that, too, right?

Anyway, We'd go out to the courts 1-2 times per week or so.. but I always seemed to get exhausted if we went into a TIGHT match. Within the first 2 games of the second set, I'd get winded, lose my concentration, and LITERALLY have to intentionally "Slow down" during the change over so I could try to gather myself.

You can imagine what that did, right? It MESSED with my technique BIG TIME. Meaning, since I was in an exhaustive state, I'd make careless errors because I wasn't able to focus, bend my knees properly for ground strokes, keep my shoulders from dipping during serves (can ya say "Double Fault"?)....

And once my "buddies" saw that I was getting tired, they'd try to take advantage of it by speeding the match up by taking less time during serves & through changeovers. My ONLY strategy to counteract this was to literally force the match to slow when I could (you know, during mine or my partners serve and during changeovers). 


 This is a super-bold claim, and you're probably not going to believe this... and I wouldn't blame you for one second if you didn't... BUT... 

Within 2 weeks of starting the Matrix program, tennis matches became amazingly less exhaustive.

And to my astonishment... I realized the competition wasn't "fierce", I was just beating myself during points because I was exhausted. You see, I was "in shape", but not in shape for tennis. Because tennis is a game of abrupt starts and stops, and because I was (before now) training with longer, slower cardio... my body wasn't trained to recover from the ballistic nature of the game.

So it was ACCIDENTAL that the Matrix saved me from my buddies.

And what's so funny (to me anyway) is that once I started training this way, the matches became easier. my shots were more consistent, and my serves were more powerful late in the match...

We went from winning 7-5's and 7-6's to DESTROYING our opponents with like 6-2's and 6-3's.

And they had NO clue WHY, because:

  • We weren't practicing more

  • We didn't change our strategy

  • and we didn't learn any new fancy-pants techniques

But This Isn't About Me... This Is About YOU


If you want to dramatically improve your game WITHOUT practicing more, WITHOUT learning new strategies, and WITHOUT learning any newfangled techniques... This is your chance.

Here's What's Included:

Think of these New Programs as the Old Matrix Conditioning Workouts on Steroids - They're that Powerful.






The Triple Matrix 2.0

"10 Brain-Dead-Simple, Tennis Conditioning Workouts

That You Can Do Literally Anywhere in The World... All In Under 10 Minutes"

(Retail $47)

  • These Are the cardio workouts I Created that are responsible for allowing you to literally crush your opponents without practicing more, changing your strategies, or learning any newfangled techniques.

  • They can all be done at home with nothing more than a few dumbbells and a jump rope.

  • You'll  experience the difference within the first 2 weeks

  • Never-Seen before Tennis Enhancing Workouts Using Nothing More than a Pair of Dumbbells & a Jump Rope

  • Simply Watch the Videos, and Step Outside to Start Improving Your game Immediately!





The Triple Tennis Matrix 2.0

Advanced Tennis Conditioning Cheat Sheet

You'll also get the Tennis Matrix 2.0 Cheat Sheet in PDF format for you to print off to use at your convenience. It has all the workouts, sets, reps, and schemes for you to easily implement the program.


So instead of paying $99 for the program (which is LESS than $5 per workout - considering I normally charge $200 for my personal one on one clients) you'll save something like $50 bucks and get all 10 Matrix 2.0 Videos, Plus the Tennis Matrix 2.0 Cheat Sheet - All for only $47.

All I ask is that when you're finished with the program and you see dramatic improvement in your game (and you will), you simply email me a testimonial telling me how it helped you.




Once you order, follow all the instructions on the Paypal Thank You Page. After your order is processed, you'll go to a page that says something like Click Here to Go Back to the Merchant's Website <-- Make sure you click this link, because that's the only way you will be directed to the Sign Up Form to enter in your name and email address. Once you get there Go Ahead sign up by entering your name and email address, then click "Complete My Order". The page will have a big sign that says ATTENTION... You MUST Sign Up to this page or you won't receive all the details, so please don't skip it, okay?

The reason I'm giving you such a huge deal is because I'd really like your testimonial, and I would Really, Really love to help your tennis game!

If you'd like to grab a copy, just click the "Add to Cart" button below and enter your information. You'll be immediately directed to the sign in form where you'll go to download all your stuff.






See you on the other side!

Todd Scott

Training Advisor, Men's Fitness magazine




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