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"Who Else Wants To Know How To Easily Spank Your Biggest Opponent On the Court... Without Practicing More, Without Changing Your Strategy, And Even WITHOUT Learning

Any New-Fangled Techniques?"


... And the best part is, they'll NEVER know your secret!"


"If You Answered Yes, Then Keep Reading,

Because This Page Will Not Be Here Forever!"



Dear friend,


If you're anything like me, you love tennis. You love playing, and you love winning.


Think about it. No one else knows as much as we do about how physically challenging tennis actually is. Regardless of what the naysayers claim, tennis ain't easy - and it definitely ain't a sissy sport. Why would we even go out to the courts and chase a ball back and forth to near exhaustion for 2-3 hours on end if we weren't out there to win?


I realize that some people play just for the fun and joy of it. And that's perfectly okay.  But if you're one of those people that just go out to hit around for fun, then this letter isn't for you.


So, before we go any further, I'd like to pose to you one my team captain's favorite questions to new members:


"Do you love winning or... do you hate losing?"


Think about that for a minute.


There is no wrong answer, but there is a distinct difference between those who love winning... and those who hate losing.


Those who love winning are the more happy go lucky players. They go out to have fun with their friends, and if they win they're happy.... and if they lose, well, they're okay with that, too. And there's nothing wrong with that at all.


Those who hate losing are serious, competitive, and absolutely despise the thought of being on the bottom end of any match whether its just for fun, or whether it's during a state tournament. And we'll do anything in our power to win, like a Tiger stalking its prey.


If you're one of those that just hate losing, then you know what I mean, and you know what happens when we face our "happy-go-lucky" counterparts...


We eat them for breakfast.


But what happens when we face like-minded competitors with the same never-say-die attitude?


More often than not, when our tennis abilities are equal, then it goes down to the wire nearly every time. And the deciding factor goes from who has:

  • The Best serve

  • The Best ground strokes

  • The Best Accuracy

  • The Best Game Plan

  • And the best mental toughness

To Those Who Have the physical capability to relentlessly chase down every last point. Those that have a distinct physical advantage over their opponents will have a better serve, better ground strokes, and superior mental toughness throughout the entire match.





And here's why:


When we're physically superior to our technically equal opponent, long rallies don't send us to our knees huffing and puffing... chasing down drop shots, bolting toward wide passing shots, or even trying to chase down & outrun lobs to the back of the fence barely phase us.


And this is important, because when we're tired & fatigued

  • We tend to drop our shoulders when we serve (more double faults)

  • We stop bending our knees properly during ground strokes & low volleys (the net becomes our worst enemy)

  • We lose power on our shots - since we're too tired to put the extra topspin needed on the ball to make it dive bomb just inside the baseline, we unconsciously pull back the reigns so we don't hit it long

  • Our booming serve goes from an unstoppable weapon to our worst nightmare. Now, instead of pounding serves unmercifully across the net, the "extra" double faults lead us to believe we need to ease up and "just get it in" to salvage the point

The sole reason all of these losing traits begin to slowly take form is because we're fatigued. We go from attacking our opponent from every angle, to just trying to survive from point to point.


And This Is Precisely Why I Created What Is Known As....


The Tennis Blitz

"Advanced Tennis Training for Serious Players"



Here are the Details:

The Tennis Blitz is a comprehensive Advanced Tennis Training Series consisting of monthly workouts, agility drills, cardio conditioning, and monthly interrogations of the top pros from around the world. I created this program around 3 years ago and built the membership base up to around 300 serious tennis players that each paid $49.95 per month for this tennis information.

In Early 2007 I closed down the program and took it off the market, but...

Today, I'm RE-OPENING the program ONLY TO MY TENNIS MATRIX CUSTOMERS to allow you to give it a FREE Test Drive.

Since it's so intense (yet really easy to implement) I want you to give it a try before I release it to the public. Once it's released to the public, it'll cost anywhere from $39.95 to $49.95 per month (but no less than $39.95), But Since You're A VIP Customer You Can get an "Exclusive Membership" of everything for FREE for a limited time.

Let me explain... and then I'll get to the part about how to download everything.

You're going to get instant access to EVERYTHING listed below today for FREE, all I ask is that you help out with a small $5.95 fee to help me out with my server cost.

The reason I'm asking for the small fee is simple. Hosting all of this information on a server can get expensive. Each time someone downloads a manual or a video, the cost goes up. So, as you can imagine, if 100 people go in and download this stuff, it'll cost me a big chunk of change. The alternative is to just not release the material, and I wouldn't have to worry about it. But I KNOW you want this stuff, because you know how well it'll help your tennis game.

So, combat the fees my server charges and to allow you to download everything, I'm just asking you to help just a tiny bit. I mean, $5.95.. what's that? The cost of a crummy cup of coffee?


If you want to dramatically improve your game WITHOUT practicing more, WITHOUT learning new strategies, and WITHOUT learning any newfangled techniques... This is your chance.

Like I told you, I released this program 3 years ago with over 300 members at $49.95 per month each before I closed the doors.

But you can get in today for just $5.95...


Here's What You'll Gain Instant Access To Today:




Igniting Your Game Volume 1 Videos (8 Week Training Program, 25 minute video)    


IYG Volume 1 is approximately 25 minutes long. Current customers refer to it as having your own tennis specific strength coach that you can rewind and rewatch, and you'll gain immediate access. This is a detailed 8 week tennis specific training program you'll be able to immediately watch on your computer, outlining “what works,” and what will leave you on the sideline wishing you were out there….. and more. We cover every imaginable strength training and conditioning tool from start to finish, from the seemingly simple body weight training, to the extensive combination training applications. (Retail $39.95)







Elite Gold IYG Volume 1 Tennis Hot-Sheet


This is a separately downloadable supplement added to Your IYG Volume 1 Video, featuring especially timely strength and conditioning information, special training effectiveness tips, resources, motivations, and article reprints. PLUS - SPECIAL IN-DEPTH TRAINING LOGS that I only share with my Gold Customers. You'll gain immediate access to your Hot-Sheet that outlines your first 8 Week Program

(Retail $19.95)




Tennis Blitz Agility Video PLUS Supplemental Manual



The most powerful overlooked way to change directions on the court.... you know how sometimes you may feel as if though you have lead in your feet?... You can kiss that feeling good bye and begin ripping around the court in less than 3 days... How fun would it be to rarely have a passing shot hit at you again - imagine your friends constantly saying "How the heck did you get that ball!




Interrogation With the Pro Tennis Coach David Sammel


This is straight out of our archived pro interviews with Pro Tennis Coaches, Powerful Tennis Specific Strength Coaches, pro players from  around the world, leading experts and doctors working with Tennis players, and the game's top tennis gurus. Plus, you’ll also get my commentary, thoughts, and wise remarks during these “live recorded” calls. If nothing else, you can burn this to a CD to turn commuting hours into power thinking hours, where you can listen and learn at the same time. 


In this 36 minute interrogation, David details how you can use

  • Mental strategies he used with his players to throw Agassi and Sampras for a loop

  • How to know when to speed the clock or when to let your opponent sit and stew

  • 2 Weapons You Must Have - and how to find and fine tune them

  • How to turn your opponents most powerful weapon against them
  • and much, much more..





You'll gain immediate access Today to EVERYTHING listed above for just the small hosting fee. If you decide you want to continue receiving monthly training material, new workout programs, ongoing cardio conditioning,  and to continue your exclusive Tennis Blitz membership to give you an advantage over your opponents, do NOTHING, and you'll receive next month's Tennis Blitz Program to download in just 30 days.


Here's what you can look forward to receiving each month:


Monthly Tennis Blitz PLUS New Advanced Tennis Matrix

Training Programs




Each month, you'll receive a BRAND new set of Tennis Blitz or Matrix Training Programs (depending on the month). Since the Blitz and Matrix Workouts are designed in 8 Week Blocks, You'll Download your first Tennis Blitz Program Today, and next month, you'll receive your Newest Tennis Matrix Program.


The Tennis Blitz and Tennis Matrix Programs Will Be released in an alternating pattern. Every 4 Weeks you'll get a Brand New Program.


Since you'll be downloading your First 8 Week Tennis Blitz Training Program Today, then in 30 days, I'm going to send you the Newest Tennis Matrix Conditioning Program... And 30 Days after that, You'll get the Newest Tennis Blitz Program.


So, every 4 Weeks You'll receive a Brand New Never-Seen-Before Tennis Specific Training Program to Keep you One Step Ahead of Your Competition.



Monthly Tennis Blitz PLUS New Tennis Matrix

Advanced Training Cheat Sheets




Each month, you'll receive either the Latest 8 Week Tennis Blitz Training Video OR the Latest Tennis Matrix Conditioning Videos.


Along with the videos, you'll also receive the corresponding cheat sheet for you to print out and head to the gym or your back yard to help you up your game a notch.


The Cheat Sheets are in PDF format for you to print off to use at your convenience. It has all the workouts, sets, reps, and schemes for you to easily implement the programs .




Monthly Tennis Blitz Agility Videos & Manuals

(Retail $19.95)



Each month, you'll download the latest Agility Blitz Program for Tennis. It'll consist of short, powerful agility programs you can do at the gym or in your own driveway to Explode your On court Quickness. The grimacing thought of watching your opponents blow a passing winner by you will be a thing of the past.


 Each manual will be accompanied by a screencast video explaining how to implement the new Agility Blitz session into your program. How fun would it be to rarely have a passing shot hit at you again - imagine your friends constantly saying "How the heck did you get that ball!






Monthly Interrogations With The Pros (Retail $59.95)


Each month, you'll gain instant access to the latest Interrogations with The Pros Audio interviews. We'll talk to tennis pros & coaches from around the world and cover in detail the latest breaking strategies to take your game to the next level.

Ever wondered what it's like to get instruction from the top coaches in the world? You will be SHOCKED at the "whos who" line up we have for you



I’m going to eliminate any last second doubts you may have, and give you INSTANT ACCESS for FREE. All I ask is that you help me out with a small portion of my "web hosting" fees at just $5.95 (so I don't rack up $100's in outrageous hosting fees to be able to give this to you).


Instead of the normal $49.95 monthly cost for the Tennis Blitz Membership, I’m going to allow you to download and test the first 8 Week Blitz Training Program for FREE Plus all of the bonuses just for helping me out with my hosting plan for just $5.95 for a full 30 Days.


If you decide you want to stay on after the first 30 days, I'll conveniently bill the credit card you use today just $27 per month, until you decide to cancel.


If you decide it isn't for you, just send me an email within 30 days and you'll never be charged another dime.


My email address is superbadtennis (@) gmail.com. I won't ask you to jump through any hoops, answer any questions, or do anything. Your word is gold with me.


And you're not just getting a partial download, you’re getting the FULL First Month of The Tennis Blitz Membership for Free from Start to Finish, Plus All the Bonuses just for helping out with my hosting fees.


That’s Less than you’d pay for some “Poofy-Poof” Latte! Does that sound fair to you?


So instead of paying the regular $49.95 per month for the Tennis Blitz when it's released to the tennis public, you'll save something like $44 bucks and get everything today for only $5.95... and if you decide to stay on, your monthly membership fee will NEVER increase as long as you stay an active member. 

All I ask is that once you begin program and you see dramatic improvement in your game (and you will), you simply email me a testimonial telling me how it helped you.







Once you order, you will be directed to a Sign Up Form to enter in your name and email address. MAKE SURE you sign up by entering your name and email address, then click "Complete My Order". The page will have a big sign that says ATTENTION... You MUST Sign Up to this page or you won't receive all the details, so please don't skip it, okay?

I don't plan to offer The Tennis Blitz program this cheap ever again.

The reason I'm giving you such a huge discount is because you're one of My VIP Customers. So, you should know, that this offer will not last forever.

If you'd like to join us, just click the "Add to Cart" button below and enter your information. You'll be immediately directed to the sign in form where you'll go to download all your stuff.




See you on the other side!

Todd Scott

Training Advisor, Men's Fitness magazine


P.S. Remember this offer is Available ONLY to my Tennis Matrix Customers, and the price will be increased to AT LEAST $39.95 Very soon.